Alisa Purifico

Founder of Matchmaker Review

Over the last decade, Alisa Purifico has had the pleasure of working as both a Matchmaker and Sales Lead for two of the largest matchmaking firms in the country.

During that time, Alisa found it difficult to hear prospective clients feel so overwhelmed, misdirected, or scammed by other dating companies. It was also exhausting for her team to tirelessly chase down uninterested or unqualified prospects.

My founders and I are putting a stop to this. We are qualifying singles and sending them straight into the arms of only the best matchmaking firms and date coaches in the country. Everyone will be co-existing on our interactive platform,

This platform is a positive space where daters can research accurate and insightful information about Love-Space Professionals and where they should go. It's an opportunity for Love Pros to educate daters about what they offer, why they're different, plus how to avoid the scams!