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Lisa Amador

Lisa Amador

"In 2020, it’s not hard to get dates. But it is difficult to find quality dates. So, if your time is scarce, then wasting it on another unvetted date isn’t going to yield new results. Investing in ways to streamline your dating process is the only way to truly start seeing the relationship results you’re looking for."
Lisa Amador


  • Profession: Matchmaker, Dating Coach
  • Founder: Lisa Amador
  • Practicing since: 2011
  • Locations: Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California
  • Success rate: 95% of clients are in a committed relationship by 3 months!
  • Works with: Professional Men & Women, ages 35+
  • Price range: by consultation only
  • Benefits: do you give a free consultation? Yes



  • Flagship program: 6 months or 1 year of Matchmaking. This includes the in-person vetting of your matches, the sourcing, matching, date coaching, and date feedback.
  • Are alternative packages available? Yes
    • Date Coaching Package: Known for their signature 10-week program that yields a 95% success rate!
    • Female VIP Membership: You may purchase a highly effective single date strategy session where Founder Lisa Amador will sit down with you, get to know you, what you’re looking for, and help you make an effective game plan. From there, you will be added to their “VIP Priority List” as a potential match for their existing matchmaking clientele.
    • Free Database: you may join their private, offline database to be considered for premium clients.



Professional men and women in Central and Southern California


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Free Love Strategy Session

with Lisa Amador