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Paula Pardel

Founder & Matchmaker

Services Offered: Matchmaking, Date Coaching, Dating Events
“It comes down to resources and how much you’ve thought about what you want. Do you know? Dating in this decade is overwhelming, but just like buying a new house, it can be either be a daunting search process, or an enjoyable effective one. All you need for that is the right guidance and network.”
Paula Pardel


  • Profession: Matchmaker
  • Founder: Paula Pardel
  • Locations: Central Virginia | Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia
  • Works with: Professional Men & Women 30+
  • Price range: by consultation only
  • Benefits: join their free database!
  • Do you give a free consultation? Yes


  • Flagship program: 12 months of exclusive matchmaking
  • Are alternative packages available? Yes:
    • Free Database: you may join their private, invitation-only database to be considered for premium members.
  • Awesome benefits: You don’t have to pull your hair out over dating apps. You can relax during your consultation inside their beautiful Richmond office (which you can see down in the video below!), or connect with Paula over video chat or phone. She provides flexible plans for budget-minded, family-oriented people.


Professionals in Richmond and Central Virginia

Why we love Paula:

A beacon of her community, Managing Director, Paula Pardel created a space for Central Virginians that stood independent of the DC market. After all, Virginia is a big state and it’s full of lovers! Her team’s number one priority is curating meaningful dates with relationship-minded Virginian singles. On top of it all, Paula is one of the most patient, kind, and considerate people you will ever come across.

Why you should hire Bloom Matchmaking:

You don’t have to know what kind of help you need before you talk to them. While a fun dating life these days seems only attainable for people with big wallets, Bloom understands that the majority of singles in this country are simple, hardworking, everyday people, with everyday lives. Their matchmaking and date coaching programs are designed with hard-working Americans in mind.

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FREE Love Strategy Session

with Paula Pardel
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