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Daydree Horner

Daydree Horner

“Daydree's coaching was invaluable during the crucial time I was considering moving to another country to take a chance on love. She had me ask myself some very important questions and look honestly for the answers; this action helped solidify the faith I needed to take this chance. And it worked! I'm in love and married, living for five years now with my husband, in Switzerland! Now I enjoy one on one coaching with Daydree, via Skype. The continued, personal support is nothing short of inspiring, continually giving me fresh ideas for my relationship--and keeping me grounded in the midst of my career and culture change."
Transformation you need to attract the Life & Love you want We’ve got you. We’re in a period which requires more awareness, more love, better communication skills, strong souls, and the ability to move with the changing tides. With that said, we support your good days and your emotional ones. We support your need to date virtually because you want to be safe. And, most importantly, we’ll help you foster more peace through this less than stable time so that you may handle it all with more grace.


  • Profession: Dating & Relationship Coach
  • Founder: Daydree Horner
  • Practicing since: 2011
  • Locations: virtually worldwide, headquartered in Los Angeles
  • Works with: men, women & couples ages 40+
  • Success rate: 100% satisfaction rate! No one leaves her hands without real actionable change.
  • Price range: $1495 for her flagship program
  • Benefits: do you give a free consultation? Yes


  • Flagship program: Her Good Love Program takes you through 7 stages, in about 3-4 months. In this program you will:
    • Find your love “why”
    • Find your sense of self-awareness in relationships
    • Define your goals: what do you actually want and how to apply it
    • Reiki Incorporation: Daydree knows you have to have quiet before you can embrace real change, deep into the subconscious, will emerge a sense of awareness of yourself and your desired relationship.
    • Understand your desires and deal breakers: you will become very clear about what you want; and why you want it. You also be clear about what you don’t want.
    • Apply all of this to your actual love life!
  • Specialty: Reiki, relationship coaching for couples, date coaching for women

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