How To Become A Certified Matchmaker & Relationship Coach

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By: Alisa Purifico| Lead Date Strategist| Matchmaker Review

certified matchmakerAh, the art of matchmaking. I’m not sure it’s even possible to think about it without subconsciously humming the Broadway classic, Fiddler on the Roof…you know the song. Everyone is fascinated by the professionals who dedicate their lives to helping people find the right relationship. But have you ever wondered, how does one actually become a matchmaker?

Congrats, you’ve been accepted! Welcome to the Matchmaking Institutethe premier institution for established and aspiring matchmakers alike.

Matchmaking Institute, also known as MMI, is the only state-licensed matchmaking school in the world. Since 2003, the Matchmaking Institute has produced worldwide conferences, live training programs, and educational literature for the matchmaking industry. They host their Global Love Conference three different times a year, with gatherings across the globe in New York, Singapore, and London. MMI provides aspiring Cupids with all of the necessary tools needed to develop a successful matchmaking career and business.

Yes, believe it or not, matchmaking is just as much science as it is an art. In fact, it’s more so. As much as we love them (and don’t get me wrong, I do too) romantic comedies and Disney movies have completely warped our expectations of how relationships are “supposed to” to happen. When in reality, as any frustrated single person will tell you, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Alisa Explains The Global Love Conference

So to actually help singles find real relationships, the Matchmaking Institute equips its students with a comprehensive curriculum. The weekend is comprised of 3 main components:

  1. Certification: Here’s where you start. Charge up your laptop, class is in session for two days. One full day is dedicated to Matchmaker training, the other is science-based coaching. You can sign up for each of these certifications individually or attend both at a bundled price. You walk away with a certification, resources, and an unparalleled network supporting you through the process.
  2. Conference: You’ll learn from top relationship professionals and respected keynote speakers such as Founder Lisa Clampitt, Dr Terri Orbuch, and Julie Ferman to name a few.
  3. Professional love connections: There are few things in business that will benefit you more than networking with other like-minded professionals in the same industry. Especially in Matchmaking, rubbing elbows with others who are in the same boat brings a humbling sense of transparency and comradery. After all, there’s enough love to go around.

“The more you share and the more you open your mind,  the more resources come to you,” says Lisa Clampitt, the Founder, and heartbeat of MMI.

matchmaking institute

Lisa is one of the industry’s most well-known Matchmakers, leaders, and pioneers. She started the Matchmaking Institute to help matchmakers network and learn from one another. Now thanks to Lisa and her team’s hard work, it has grown into a global community of professionals connected by…love.

In short, whether you’re an existing relationship professional (many of which are also featured right here on Matchmaker Review) or just starting to consider a career in matchmaking, date or relationship coaching, the Matchmaking Institute is the perfect place to start.

To find out more information on The Matchmaking Institute or Global Love Conference head to:

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