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Leora Hoffman

Leora Hoffman

I believe that some people are brought into one’s life for a reason. Leora is one of these people. When we met I was divorced with a young child. Leora introduced me to Seth. He was cute, very smart, and funny. We had so much in common. I kept thinking how did Leora know? At the end of the evening, he kissed me and I think we both knew this was it. I realized that what made Leora different was that she really understood who we were. She knew what each of us wanted and most importantly, what we needed. By the seventh date, we both knew that Leora was right. We are now married with two beautiful children. He is still cute, funny, and brilliant. Most importantly, we are still madly in love.”
Debbie, age 57, Marketing Consultant


  • Profession: Matchmaker
  • Founder: Leora Hoffman
  • Locations: Serves Baltimore, DC, and Virginia
  • Works with: Professional Men & Women Ages 50+
  • Price range: by consultation only
  • Benefits: do you give a free consultation? Yes


  • Flagship program: Since 1989 Leora has been providing extraordinary personalized matchmaking. Discretion is key, as she provides confidential assessments, in-depth feedback and on-going advocacy. Her referrals are not based on a quota, but “quality over quantity.” She helps people find eachother.
  • Are alternative packages available? Yes!
    • Coaching Packages Available
    • Join the Free Database

Leora is always looking for quality singles to be matched with her clients. You’ll also go through a vetting process, learn about how Leora’s process works, and agree to follow guidelines to increase your chances for a successful match.

Specialty: “Baby Boomers” in the Baltimore/DC area

Awesome Benefits

It is not a secret that dating online after 50 can be absolutely terrifying. Leora personally vets all applicants for membership, which offers security for those who hire her. She also networks with trusted affiliates to widen opportunities for her members. She provides confidential feedback, advice, coaching, and more.

Why we love Leora

You can benefit from her decades of experience making unique matches. She even did some undercover work when she first started and was astonished at what she found. You want to work with someone that gets you. She gives you a context of who you’re about to meet, and what your expectations should reasonably be. It’s hard to find anyone that will do that for you these days, let alone when it comes to dating. That’s what makes Leora so special.

Why you should hire Love by Leora

Simple, 30 Years as an Industry Professional. Tried and true! There are few Matchmakers in this world who have and are still doing it as well as Leora. Her network has followed her throughout the years so if that’s not a sign you should hire her, I don’t know what is! 🙂

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Free Love Strategy Session

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