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Select Date Society started with the idea that singles today need a better option in the dating arena.  The one size fits all approach of most services, whether it’s online dating or personal matchmaking; doesn’t seem to produce the results our clients desire.  In listening to the experiences of singles for over twenty years, we have come to understand that each client has very specific needs, in order to succeed. Our Firm’s tailored approach creates the opportunity for clients to have optimum success.   SDS clients expect to be one of the select few, not one of many, as it is with large franchise organizations.  Clients choose Select Date Society for the exclusiveness, as well as, our highly seasoned team of professional Matchmakers. Our clients know their expectations of both quality and service will be exceeded.  SDS Matchmakers will take the time to custom fit a program specifically for you, so that you can achieve your desired end goal!

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Free Love Strategy Sessions

with Amber Artis