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"Shannon has a special talent. She was able to quickly connect with me, and understand me. After our consultation, she provided high-quality introductions. Thanks to Shannon, I now am in a serious relationship with a very special woman. Thank you, Shannon!"
Shannon offers discreet, upscale, and exclusive matchmaking. Shannon also helps many others navigate the complexities of dating in a digital world so they can be their “own” matchmaker. Through her Ivy League and San Francisco Bay Area networks, Shannon attracts high-caliber men & women in the Bay Area who are well-educated, successful, and enjoy fulfilling lives. They share a strong desire to meet someone wonderful to make their lives even more rewarding.

Matchmaking Overview

Shannon’s Circle offers customized matchmaker services to exceptional people. Shannon’s Circle primarily attracts upscale, sophisticated, attractive and successful people in the San Francisco Bay Area who are interested in meeting that special someone for a long term relationship.

People that partner with Shannon have rich and fulfilling lives, and are excited to share it all with someone wonderful. They know that finding their life partner will take time and effort and they want to accelerate the process. Often it will require expanding their social circles, and they don’t have a lot of time to build new networks. This is where Shannon’s Circle comes in. Shannon is able to fill a key gap through high-caliber, quality introductions that can expand your circles quickly.

What makes Shannon’s Circle matchmaking unique?

In one word – Shannon. Shannon is a connector and has a natural matchmaking talent. She has a natural instinct to match people. She loves helping exceptional people find true love. Shannon puts her heart into matchmaking and is relentless in finding the right connection. Shannon is an Ivy League graduate who brings special skills to the table. See more About Shannon & Shannon’s Testimonials.

Shannon has the gift of attracting amazing people into her life. Shannon brings to the matchmaking table a unique network of high-caliber people, beyond her Ivy League network. This opens doors to new circles of people for you to meet.

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