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SIMANTOV is an offline boutique Jewish Matchmaking firm. We have been uniting high caliber, relationship-minded professionals for more than four decades. Eligible Jewish singles come to us for a subtle, personalized service when they are ready to find their ideal partner. Choosing your life partner is the most important business decision you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to work with the experts. Simantov’s experienced team has a wealth of exclusive contacts at their fingertips ready to help you find love. You just need to take the first step.

The Matchmaking Process

What makes us different from other matchmaking agencies?

Maybe it’s our exclusive focus on intelligent, professional Jewish men and women who are seeking a life partner.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we offer a highly personalized service, preferring to really get to know our applicants in person whenever possible.

Or, could it be our team-based approach to matchmaking? We are an intimate group of the very best Jewish matchmakers who will do everything in our power to locate your bashert, wherever they are in the world.

It’s a combination of those things, along with our 45+ years of experience perfecting our craft. We know who will give you the physical and mental stimulation you desire, while providing the stability and care you need in a life partner. This level of expertise coupled with a thorough filtering process enables us to work with speed and confidence. Most of our introductions are made within 4-6 weeks!

Our packages includes “Match Mentoring” to help our clients become the best possible version of themselves in preparation of meeting their ideal match.

Our Agency proud of the team of certified matchmakers and dating and relationship coaches.

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  1. This is to mention that one of your sentences is missing a word. “Our Agency proud of the team of certified matchmakers and dating and relationship coaches.” Please add the word “is” between the word “Agency” and “proud”. You are welcome to contact me about your Jewish matchmaking service. Debra Charles,

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